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Since our inception, we have been developing large, multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered, client-server projects in various Industries and on multiple platforms. We have developed customized solutions to suit the needs of small to large companies.
Our team of innovative software architects, analysts, developers, and consultants understand Object Oriented Software design patterns and development processes. We make extensive use of modern software development strategies to decrease time to market and to ensure robust and reliable solutions

Custom Development

Modern software development projects often require a variety of skill-sets in order to solve complex problems. In response, we provide a variety of software development services and approaches. We have developed customized solutions to suit your business needs.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services to allow us to work closely with your company to define how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. Our consultants will support your company from the beginning of the project

Project Management

The most successful business projects are those driven by authority, vision and influence. Project leadership typically requires significant experience and skills. Merita Technologies Project Management expertise brings these specific skill sets to your company.

Exclusive Outsourcing

We provide cutting-edge custom Software Development for our global clientele ensuring robust, scalable, cost-effective applications. We develop custom software for our local and international clients, and are currently an exclusive outsourcing partner for a USA company.

In line with our mission to contribute to the development of the ICT industry in Kenya, Merita Technologies conducts Workshops and Lecture series on Software Development. We provide instructional lecture sessions to – ICT Departments and personnel, university students and faculty in the Software Engineering/Computer Science Departments. This is geared towards those who need to supplement their education and training with up to date material and know how.

Also as part of our mission, we acknowledge the need for training and support for young developers. As such, we facilitate Internships and Mentoring at our location and are open to partnering with other institutions along these lines.
Merita Technologies is in the planning stages of offering Programming classes to senior secondary school students that are excited by IT, and who show a strong desire to create Apps. Our classes teach the fundamentals of Programming in various languages. A portion of the lessons will focus on programming games, which makes it ideal for teens that are creative and love to play games. While working in the app, students can see the code behind the projects they create on the screen. Programming concepts are learned while students create animated movies and basic video games that they can play with classmates, and/or later go on to further develop when they get to college.
There is a gap in the area of high level repair and support services for laptops and smartphones in Karen. Companies with owners and/or employees, and individuals that have one or many devices, that depend on these devices to be working at all times – need a competent, trustworthy, dependable, and accessible company that they can take these valuable equipment to, to be repaired and/or serviced. This is where we come in and fill that gap.

Customers that need to switch out their laptop or cell phones but need to keep their data intact; that may have damaged their equipment and need it to be repaired; that would like one place to service all their equipment; that would like to have their Data backed up on a regular basis; that would like to have a secured Cloud Storage facility to store their data - now have Merita Technologies’ Central Tech Service Center to count on to fulfill those needs.
We believe in a transparent repair process, and that starts with clear and upfront pricing. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your device, we would be happy to diagnose it for free. Once we determine what is needed for your repair, we will provide you with an obligation-free repair quote. You can elect to continue with a repair, or not, the choice is always yours.

With Central Tech’s knowledgeable and professional techs and our online repair tracking, we make repairs easy and convenient. We know how important your device is to you, so we promise to return it to you as quickly as possible, and keep you informed every step of the way. Most common repairs can even be performed while you wait! With competent, reliable, and timely repairs and services now in your area - No more trips into CBD to get these things done.



An e-Training platform that allows training sessions for several groups of trainees within an organization, including Gamification as a mode of motivation and accountability. This is currently being used by Otis Elevator Company, one of the world’s largest elevator manufacturing companies. Our platform allows for online review and assessments as well.


This application was done for a company in Jamaica, that allows customers to order cooking gas, set up delivery, verify and pay for the delivery via several means. It allows repeat customers to earn points towards future purchase.


This Mobile App allows the user to type in a code that corresponds with a particular artwork, which will provide information on the said piece. This will take the user to a page that gives more information on the art - the artist, the story behind the work, the cost, etc. Artist who would like to create a video of the making of a particular piece will be able to speak directly to art lovers and sell their piece.


This application allows users to search for businesses and book appointments utilizing their mobile phone created for Wazzio, a Canadian company.