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This solution is created to provide a means of having secure physical documents for a variety of uses. We offer low cost, tamper proof, printable NFC solutions. These would be tamper-proof NFC stickers with a printable surface. 
These are meant to allow our software to validate the scanned edition to verify it is actually the original signed document, verified by Blockchain Technology. 

A part of the Solution is the actual paper or sticker 
  • It is the first and only cellulose substrate certified for printed electronic (environmentally friendly & cost effective) 

  • It is the first and only cellulose substrate with antenna & chip pre-embedded in the paper/board for NFC applications related to packaging, signage, etc 

  • There are stand-alone NFC chips on paper with adhesive backing. 



An e-Training platform that allows training sessions for several groups of trainees within an organization, including Gamification as a mode of motivation and accountability. This is currently being used by Otis Elevator Company, one of the world’s largest elevator manufacturing companies. Our platform allows for online review and assessments as well.


Is for a company in Jamaica, that allows customers to order cooking gas, set up delivery, verify and pay for the delivery via several means. It allows repeat customers to earn points towards future purchase.


This Mobile App allows the user to type in a code that corresponds with a particular artwork, which will provide information on the said piece. This will take the user to a page that gives more information on the art - the artist, the story behind the work, the cost, etc. Artist who would like to create a video of the making of a particular piece will be able to speak directly to art lovers and sell their piece.


Ryli is a real-time location based application that allows users to search for businesses and book appointments utilizing their mobile phone created for Wazzio, a Canadian company.