Our Services

Since our inception, we have been developing large, multi-disciplinary, multi-tiered, client-server projects in various Industries and on multiple platforms. We have developed customized solutions to suit the needs of small and large companies.
We generally focus in the following areas:
    Enterprise Software Development
    Mobile Solutions
    Web-based Applications
    Desktop Applications
    Internet and Intranet Applications

Our team of innovative software architects, analysts, developers, and consultants understand Object Oriented Software design patterns and development processes. We make extensive use of modern software development strategies to decrease time to market and to ensure robust and reliable solutions


Modern software development projects often require a variety of skill-sets in order to solve complex problems. In response, Merita Technologies provides a variety software development services.

  • Platforms
  • Web Based Solutions
  • -eCommerce
  • -Corporate Intranet Applications
  • Enterprise database development
  • Cloud Computing applications
  • Financial applications
  • Custom applications
  • Multi-media applications
  • Security and monitoring applications
  •         Core Competencies
  •              Microsoft SQL Server
  •              Oracle
  •              Microsoft .NET Framework
  •              HTML5
  •              CSS3
  •              Javascript
  •              Mobile Development


Merita Technologies’ consultancy services will work closely with your company to define how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. Our consultants will support and nurture the company from the very beginning of the project till the end, and deliver the project not only in the scope, time and cost but also with complete client satisfaction.

Our Fixed Price Model allows us to quote a single fixed cost and a specific delivery date for our clients. This model is suitable for small or medium projects with detailed Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) for the project’s requirements, schedules, and project path.


The most successful business projects are those driven by authority, vision and influence. Project leadership typically requires significant experience and skills. Merita Technologies Project Management expertise brings these specific skill sets to your company. Our experienced personnel will manage your company’s specific IT goals through all phases of development: initiation, planning, executing, controlling and completion.

We implement the newest technology tools in doing such, for example:
    SCM services


Merita Technologies provides cutting-edge custom Software Development for our global clientele ensuring robust, scalable, cost-effective applications. We develop customized software locally for international clients, and is the exclusive Outsourcing representatives for a Software company in the USA.

Utilizing Africa's best natural resource, we employ programmers locally providing employment while exposing their capability to the world. Outsourcing helps our international customers realize cost advantages, while simultaneously bringing improved, strategic value to doing business.

We assure tight, secure, and efficient management of the projects we undertake, and guarantee the work delivered meets international standards.

The establishment Merita in Kenya is the doorway to the creation of an Outsourcing Incubator, capitalizing on Kenya’s national support for ICT, its strong ICT infrastructure, its quality university system, and its eager and creative talent pool. Merita Technologies is the go to company for ICT Outsourcing needs.


As technology continues to evolve, applications for cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices are becoming increasingly necessary. Merita Technologies’ mobile development offerings include - customized solutions based on your specific needs; applications for location-based services; applications for Android devices; and applications for feature and smartphones.

In addition, we develop applications in multiple target environments such as Android, iOS, iPad, Windows Phone, which are enhanced through parallel development. Our Mobile Software Development Solutions also include:
    Mobile Banking
    Mobile Security
    Mobile GPS Fleet Management


Merita Technologies enables you to provide safe and resilient IT security solutions for your organization. Combining our innovation with our experience in Biometrics Software Development, enables us to create cutting edge solutions for our clients. One such product included a Fingerprint Security system for Authentec, Inc.

We are confident that we can create a solution for you to protect your environment from security threats both inside and out, by:

  • Protecting data and applications - build strong barriers between your internal IT components, the IT systems themselves, and the outside world;
  • Preventing data loss - secure all system data both when it is at rest and in motion;
  • Recovering quickly - ensure a fast and complete recovery when downtime happens due to an accidental deletion or a malicious attack;
  • Responding and reporting - deliver real-time notifications and comprehensive audit reports on high-risk systems, applications and platforms.