In addition to Custom and Enterprise Level Software Development, we are in the process of creating applications that address needs in the society throughout Africa to tap into solutions that solves challenges, and advance development in different areas.

Merita Technologies Kenya Ltd has now created a comprehensive solution that have been in the R&D phase for some time. We are confident that they will improve the lives of our citizens, improve business processes, while generating significant opportunities of growth for all involved.


Car & Fleet™ is a vehicle tracking solution for small and large fleets of vehicles. Car & Fleet delivers an easy to use, yet full feature set of tools for tracking assets using the web and mobile devices. The in-vehicle monitoring system which records and reports - road conditions, movements of the drivers, routes taken, speed and how the vehicle is being. Commercial and PSV vehicle owners will be able to manage usage, repairs, income, and ensure they have safe drivers.

Our VTS features:

  • Mobile based SMS gateway to communicate with GPS devices
  • Sound recording and camera services
  • GIS features such as Geofencing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Multi-level agent based billing system to provide e-Commerce facilities
  • GPS based Fleet Management Services


Zuia Ajali™, downloadable from Google Play Store - all persons with a smartphone will be able to use this mobile app. Once downloaded, you would then register as a user, you may use your Google account to do so. Upon witnessing anything that is a driving violation, that is unsafe, or an emergency occurrence (like an accident, robbery) - a report would be logged by recording an audio message, sms, or taking a picture or video.

Information such as - the violation (Overlapping), the license plate number, make and model of vehicle, any distinguishing markings (name of the SACCO), details of the violation or incident.

Audio reports, images and videos are securely saved to central cloud based server - ready to be redirected to the relevant partners or service providers.

This application is meant to support empowering passengers, pedestrians, and all road users.  In addition, the overwhelming desire of Kenyan road users to bring about positive change on the roads.


This Platform comes with a means of creating quick custom forms, downloading them to mobile devices, then collecting, storing and reporting on the information gathered. A form builder is included which allow system administrators to quickly generate mobile forms. These fillable forms may be pushed to devices belonging to various groups of users. Details collected on these forms are then pushed back to central database for reporting and retrieving.

In addition, an expanded module of this Solution, allows the user to take documents from various different sources, process them and create the desired output. A company that may collect data via different versions of a spreadsheet would use our system to collect all those files, convert them to a unified format and store, transmit, allow for analysis and retrieval securely and smoothly. This allows the organization to be eco friendly and save time, money, and storage space.