Here at Merita Technologies, we support every aspect of custom software development, from IT consultation services to designing and developing methodologies for complete life-cycle software development projects.

Our creative engineering abilities and cutting edge technologies guarantees superior quality products for clients in various industries. We accomplish this by accessing a global network of experienced programmers, referencing our dedicated consultants, and applying our experience to ensure we always exceed their expectations. We maximize on our team’s abilities to bring our customers services that meet their demanding standards, and products that reflect the quality they have in mind.


-We have been working in the industry for many years. Our founders have over 26 years in the IT industry.
-We listen to customer needs and focus on providing enterprise grade services for our customers.
-Our customers can rely on us for quality and service.

-We have provided services to a variety of companies utilizing a variety of techniques and solutions
-We typically utilize the most up-to date technologies, processes and procedures in order to leverage the benefits and decrease time to market.
-We provide design and development services. We are able to design complex solutions and deliver them utilizing modern software development life-cycle methodologies.
-We apply true business acumen to each client’s consultation session.

-Some solutions require creativity and know-how. We are innovators in this field.
-We solve problems of scale, performance and usability with technique, innovation and know-how.


As Founder, CTO, and Senior Software Architect of Merita Technologies, Howard James brings over 26 years of experience in software engineering. Before founding Merita Technologies, Mr. James worked as Principal and Senior Engineer for three software engineering firms in the US. These firms pioneered state-of-the-art software and systems development for companies such as:

  • AT&T
  • Blockbuster, Inc.
  • Authentec

Mr. James possesses over 20 years of development experience on Windows, Web and UNIX platforms with core competencies in C++/C# and Object-Oriented Analysis. He also brings Expert level competencies to Merita Technologies in the following areas :

  • Front end developer with tool such as WPF/SilverLight/ASP.NET/MVC/Javascript/JQuery and Windows Forms;
  • Mid-tier architect. Familiar with tools such as RIA Services, WCF, Entity Framework LINQ, SQL 2008 and ADO.NET;
  • Mobile Development;
  • SOA design development and delivery; and,
  • Strong problem solving skills and strong mentoring skills experience.


Working alongside our CTO, with 26 years’ experience, is a dedicated team of programmers and professionals who bring more years of business and software development experience to every project.

Managing Director, Grace-Ann James, is the COO of Merita Technologies. She brings over 20 years management experience to the company. Mrs. James’ training and experience has been in business management and human resource management. She held those roles with Precision Data Computer Services, various recruiting firms, Sears, Hard Rock Café, and Safoa Technologies in the USA. In addition, she has worked with the Pan-African USA Chamber of Commerce, to generate business connection with companies in the USA and projects/entrepreneurs in Ghana & Ethiopia. Her focus now is on the business development aspect of Merita Technologies, finding the talents, sourcing the projects, and ensuring that the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the company are achieved.

In addition, Merita Technologies is working with the premier software engineering and IT training academy in East Africa. This allows us to access a pool of programming experts, in order to ensure that we cover all spheres of Software Design and Development, and guarantee that we are able to provide the human resources that any project requires.

Merita Technologies is a dedicated center offering multidisciplinary services with Development, Testing, and QA teams. This structure allows us to deploy software solutions quickly as the IT needs of our customers evolve.


In line with our mission of contributing to the development of the ICT industry in Kenya, Merita Technologies conducts Workshops and Lecture series on Software Development. We provide instructional lecture sessions to – ICT Departments and personnel, university students and faculty in the Software Engineering/Computer Science Departments. This is geared towards those who need to supplement their education and training with up to date material and know how.

Also as part of our mission, we acknowledge the need for training and support for young developers. As such, we facilitate Internships and Mentoring at our location and are open to partnering with other institutions.